Super Cute Zoo

Collect the cutest zoo animals and train them up in this Super Cute game! - Lots of cute animals to collect including baby elephant, panda, cheeky monkey, rhino, zebra, tiger, giraffe, hippo and even a lion!- Train your pets to sing and jump in 4 Super Cute mini games. - Level up your pets and gain coins to purchase more cute animals!- Look after your animals and keep them feeling loved!Play Super Cute Zoo and start your career as a zookeeper! Which cute baby animal will you choose to start your collection? In Super Cute Zoo you collect cute fluffy animals in a zoo and train them up in fun mini games including a music rhythm game and a run type game where you ride a skateboard! The game includes great pets like Zoe the Zebra, Ginger the Tiger, Gerald the Giraffe, Mario the Monkey, Ronnie the Rhino and even Leo the Lion! Super Cute Zoo is great fun for any age, you and your friends will love to play. It is easy to get into for kids but can be challenging enough for adults as the levels give a challenge to adults and teenagers. In the jump runner game you surf a skateboard and tap the screen to jump over gaps in the floor. Collect exciting power ups. there are different backgrounds like the dragon mountains covered in ice and snow, the floating pet village and even a level where you float through space! It is fun to watch your mini fluffy friends jumping about and singing to you as they do it. Test your memory in the simon says memory game. Can you remember the order the animals sing?? Try and take pics with you memory to get further in this game. Also watch out of the word game - coming soon! If you love Cats, Dogs, Horses, Puppies, Kittie Kats or other animals you will love this game. Dream up an adventure story for your mini animals. You will start to feel like they are your littlest friends. If you visit your fluffy animals in the hotel often they will feel loved. If you leave them for too long they will start to feel lonely. Be a good keeper and rescue your pets from boredom. Being a zoo keeper doesn’t have to be a bore, messing out the poo and scrubbing all the floors. In Super cute zoo you will fly at super sonic speed when you get the rocket jetpack powerup in the climbing game! You will love to see the cute zoo animals rocking out to a song and dancing. Its a blast!This is the most fun for kids on mobile. Jump to it!Your pets will leap around in the run game like a crazy Ninja man! You will collect amazing powerups like the magnet that sucks in collectables like iron. Otherwise you will have to jump around and time it to catcha great powerup!Everyone likes fluffy animals singing and rocking out. This is a great way to chill out and have a cool and funky time. Tell your friends to play this game! elephant, panda, cheeky monkey, rhino, zebra, tiger, giraffe, hippo and lion - they are all waiting for me. All can be played in the rock music game,run / running jumping game, simon says memory game and the climbing doodle jump style game. Collect lots of animals for your petting zoo. If you like animals play Super Cute Zoo, any budding vets or animal doctors out there will love the idea of being the one rescue the animals from boredom. Then getting to jump from island to island with them in the running and jumping game. Collect powerups and fly up into the air like a rocket. Surf past the mountains and clouds and set an awesome score.This is a mega cool great game for Kids, Kids will love all the awesome fun mini games and it is easy to pick up. Its free thats zero pou nds or dollars. They will like the funny silly parts and the mini games. Super Cute Zoo is a Super Cool FREE game so why not give it a try today! 5,4,3,2,1,go!

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