LauncherPro Plus s23 SMOOTH3

From XDA-DEVELOPERS - signals23 LauncherPro Plus Widget ThemesSMOOTH3Visual inspiration from Elegant Steel by Jedispotty on XDANOTE: I will move the refresh button on this theme when it's enabled.My paid apps are available via Paypal on AndroidPit's AppCenterThis application will theme ALL LauncherPro Plus widgets to look like the images below. To see all of my themes, visit application will only work with the pro version of LauncherPro Plus with theme engine. You can download that application here: ALL 9 LauncherPro Plus widgets are themed via this application.- You still need to purchase the Market unlocker for LauncherPro to gain access to the widgets. The unlocker can be found here: This will work if you have purchased the Paypal version of LauncherPro, as long as you install the beta application mentioned above.- Install this application, then go to LauncherPro Preferences->LP Widget Settings->Select the widget you want to theme->Select Skin->signals23-SMOOTH3. Backout and restart LauncherPro to see the changes.CURRENT LIMITATIONS OF THE LAUNCHERPRO THEME ENGINE:- I can't change the color of the notification bubbles- I can't move the refresh icon- I can't change the padding of the widgets to fullscreenWhen these things are implemented, I will update the themes accordingly.I have been theming LauncherPro Plus for months now and am excited in the opportunity to expand my audience.

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