zCalendar for Zooper

**Requires Zooper Widget Pro****ZW Utilities Suggested (for color customization)**Zooper Calendar unlike any other... uses math to calculate each day's text.Features:- Second template that supports Calendars with weeks starting on Mondays- Built in language support for Month and Day text- Supports leap year & months spanning 6 weeks.- Integrated with ZW Utilities for full color customization. If ZW Utilities is installed, will save color exports ZWUtilities\ColorExports that can be imported using ZW Utilties app.- Or.. experiment with the following Tasker Variables to send HEX color values to Zooper _BACKGROUND _BORDER _CURRENTDAYTEXT _CURRENTDAYBACKGROUND _OTHERDAYTEXT _OTHERDAYBACKGROUND _MONTHTEXT _MONTHHEADERBACKGROUND _DAYHEADERTEXT _DAYHEADERBACKGROUND _DAYOUTOFMONTHTEXTNote: If neither Tasker nor ZW Utilities are set to broadcast the above variables, the calendar colors will default to the first screenshot shown aboveNote: zCalendar is configured to use the devices timezone. zCalendar will not display properly if the Zooper timezone does not match the devices timezoneInstallation:1) Download and install Zooper Widget Pro and ZW Utilities2) Long press your home screen and add Widget3) Select Zooper Widget 4x3 or 4x4 4) Tap on the widget5) Scroll down and select zCalendar6) Click the screenshot of the widget (Monday or Sunday weekstart)7) It is recommended to click Widget OnTap Action and select your Calendar app8) Press the back button9) Open ZW Utilities, click settings, then Import. Import any of the zCalendar.zuw themes or create your own.10) Enjoy!!!Permissions:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - required for saving custom fonts and ZW Color Exports (.zuw)

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