GloWorks White ADW Theme

GloWorks White ADW Launcher ThemeBy kwitcherbitchen.orgThis theme requires ADW Launcher to be installed. It is available for free in the market.Simple black and white theme. Icons are similar to the LightWorks series, but have black outlines with a colored glow instead of colored outlines with a shadow. The icons will show up for the stock Android apps, as well as many Samsung, HTC, and Motorola versions of them. All the icons are also included in the built-in icon pack so you can assign any icon to any app shortcut. Please visit for more information, more colors, matching Beautiful Widgets skins, and a list of currently supported app icons.PLEASE NOTE: I am open to requests for new icons, colors, and anything else. So if there is something you feel is missing, please contact me and ask instead of leaving negative comments. For icon requests, please visit For anything else, you can email me at Thank you.

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