Battle Of Midway

This is an awesome game! You can not only play with the smart AI, but also have fun with friends with HotSeat mode! The battleship is the classic naval strategy game where two players try to sink each other's hidden ships. There is no relation between this game and the historical background, it just takes you to a fantasy navy field.Start a new game, proceed to placing your ships on the grid. Every player has five ships including an Aircraft Carrier covering five squares, a Battleship covering four squares, a Heavy Cruiser covering three squares, a Light Cruiser covering three squares as well, and a Destroyer covering two squares. You can choose automatic placement of the ships (Auto Deploy button), or place them manually on the board. Manual placement is done by choosing a ship and dragging it onto a legal position on the board. Press START button when all ships are placed.In volley shot, the player fires until they miss.In salvo shot, the player has one shot for every vessel still afloat.As the game begins, you can see your own fleet while the opponent’s fleet remains unseen. When a ship is partially damaged, the grid will change the color on which the damaged section of the ship is located. If the ship is completely destroyed, a sinking ship is displayed.Players take turns firing guns and trying to destroy the opponent's fleet. When a player hits the ship, he/she continues to fire until the first miss the turn then goes to the opponent, and the game continues. The game continues until one fleet is completely destroyed. The player whose fleet is destroyed first loses the game.

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