Fish Flu (Free)

Fish Flu is the first game developed by the Boiler6 team.Fish Flu is a short and fun game where you are the owner of a new fish store in town. The business just started and nobody knows what to expect of you, because of this, you have to work hard and complete the clients' orders to give a good impression.This game has 2 game modes: "Fish Store" and "Endless Mode":Fish Store is about selling fishes and completing orders in a certain amount of time, but as all living things, fishes have a life cycle and they get sick the longer they stay alive. As the owner, it's your job to heal these fishes back to life or risk the prestige of your store.The goals in this game are simple, complete most of not all of the orders in a certain amount of time for all 21 levels, but the more you advance, the clients become more exigent, asking for orders of more fishes to be completed in less time. This mode will help you with decision making.Endless Mode is not about completing orders, yet you still have your fishes. The fishes in this mode get sick faster and spread the sickness to contiguous fishes, making it harder to keep all your fishes in healthy condition. Use your agility and reflexes to get the highest score.

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