Stick And Chick

Yo, check it. Stick and Chick is an epic and funny hip-hop stick man game that is free to play - it's a shooting game filled with guns, chicks, beatboxing, stick figures, retro arcade fun and more guns.* FIGHT your way through the gritty urban stick figure jungle plowing through anything in your way!* RESCUE CHICK, Stick’s hot as funk girl. Her brother Thick is a straight up thug from a rival gang whose dudes just want to cap your azz!* BLAST THRU 10 action packed, non-stop violent levels full of testosterone throttling badazz boss fights!* POWER UP with grenades and machine guns to take down helicopters, jacked up cars, gang members packing heat and ninjas! Freaking ninjas, dude!* PUMP UP the sick beatboxing soundtrack spit by a real life human!* LAUGH YOUR AZZ OFF at the stupid funny stuff you gotta avoid to beat down Thick!* RUN THRU THE GRITTY CITY in a hand-drawn world in the ultimate street fighter battle ever!FOLLOW“Enough cartoon blood to fill your screen!” -- Jibe“This ghetto fabulous love story is better than Romeo and Juliet and bloodier, yo!” - Shake.s.peare“The hottest stick figure babes I’ve ever seen!” -- Huge Heffna“This single-player game is the closest you'll ever get to being a rapper with a rap sheet and not get arrested for clearing the streets of trash!” -- Ice, Thugs and Harming Me© 2014 Animax Interactive LLC. All Rights Reserved. *** Stick and Chick is free to play. Players can purchase additional bling or remove ads for real money. ***

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