Zombie Apes Escape!

Zombies? Zombie Apes?Are we serious? YES! Take the challenge now and Run. For. Your. Life. But don't worry good old friend gravity will assist you.Better get down from that tree!And yes, doge the Zombie Apes!Don't let them Attack you...Just for you:- Simple controls- Awesome graphics- A challenge- Many Zombie Apes!Escape from the wild Ape Zombies!! Take the challenge today! Can you escape from the Attack of the Zombie Apes?Can you avoid death and imminent loosing?Then go for the battle of ZOMBIE APES ESCAPE!This is another funny Game from MOBY DICK GAMES! Watch out our other games!If you like this game and you want to support us, simply click on the AD's, install a promoted game and open it. It's free for you and needs only one minute of your time. With this action you give us the opportunity to make future games like ZOMBIE APES ESCAPE! aaaarrrrggghhhhh.....

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