Square Tangle

Square Tangle is a casual/puzzle game in which you have to navigate yourself through levels full of lasers, bullets and other hazards to reach the end. The game has a built in level editor, which allows you to design and craft your own levels, publish them online and have other players play them. The game's hazards include laser beams, turrets that fire projectiles at you, cannons that fire homing projectiles at you, red walls that kill you when you touch them, and red spinning blades of death.There are 3 gamemodes: casual, normal and survival.Casual is for people who play games purely for fun - no time limits. You only need to collect a certain amount of gems to progress.Normal is for people who like a bit of a challenge - there is a time limit and a limited number of lives. Complete the level by collecting as many gems possible in the shortest amount of time.Survival is for the hardcore ones. No time limit or end. Stay alive for as long as you possibly can without getting blown up.Custom, normal and survival modes have an online scoreboard.

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