Ice Cream Sundae Tattoo LiveWP

Installation:- Download the app and install- Go to you home screen- Press Menu button or hold touch on your home screen- Choose 'Wallpaper'- Choose 'Live Wallpapers'- Navigate to 'Ice Cream Tattoo Live Wallpaper'- Personalize the wallpaper in Settings- Choose 'Set wallpaper'Description:Set a relaxing environment on your Android Home Page with these beautiful hand-painted flowing ice cream sundaes, controlled by tilting your phone or user input. Choose between several carefully selected background gradient colors or a hand-painted coffee stain backdrop.All profits from this wallpaper will go directly into supporting local artist Amy Williams.Support:This is our first set of Live Wallpapers. We have tested it across a range of Android devices without any problems. If you experience any issues please let us know by emailing and we will put our best effort into resolving the problem. Thank youCredits:- Amy Williams for official use of artwork GLWallpaperService licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

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