powerCall turns power button double-click into speed dialer when phone is locked and screen is off. Also can be configured to bypass swipe unlock without calling (you can still click power button once and then swipe to unlock). Also can be used to launch an app of your choice. One user reported using powerCall to make a much-needed call when he dropped his phone and completely broke touch screen. After quick one-time contact selection, just double-click the power button to call your favorite person when the device is locked and screen is off. Calling works with secure and simple unlock patterns. If you sometimes double-click to quickly check time, try the triple-click option for calling. Even works seamlessly with GrooVe IP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gvoip (GrooVe IP Lite ver is not supported). NOTES: 1) App works only when phone is LOCKED and screen is OFF. 2) 1sec max between clicks, otherwise double-click won't register. Triple-click feature allows 3 sec.3) "unlock, do not call" and "start an app" options bypass only unsecure swipe lock screen. Calling works from all lock screens swipe/pin/pattern/etc. Not all phones work the same - some GS3 users had to double-click slowly or triple-click to make it work.Please email the developer with any questions/requests.

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