ioda should be read "IO-DA", IO for Input/Output and DA for Data Analysis. It is a scientific application that permits to read files at various formats as FITS used in astronomy, DICOM in medical, AIDA and ROOT used in high energy physics (HEP), dot to draw graphs, JPG and PNG to store images and FOG developed at CEA/Saclay (France) to describe the LHC/ATLAS detector geometry. ioda permits to browse these files and visualize some of their data. For AIDA files, the histograms 1D, 2D, profiles 1D, 2D can be plotted. For ROOT files, ioda can plot TH[1,2][D,F] objects along than TProfile ones. For FITS files, the "HDUs" can be listed and their keys can be seen. If the HDU is an IMAGE_HDU type, ioda attempts to visualize it as an image (which is one of the primary goal of the FITS format : store astronomical pictures). If the HDU is a BINARY_TBL, ioda shows a description of the columns (name, type) and proposes to histogram and plot a choosen column. For DICOM, the first frame is shown by default but an animation on frames is possible. For JPG and PNG files, the image is visualized. Files at the FOG CEA/Saclay format permit to visualize LHC/ATLAS sub detectors.From 1.4, you can fit 1D histograms with MINUIT.

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