Cozy Cottage

Help little bear clean up the house, cook dinner, gather the harvest and repair a car! Try the game for free!I’m a father and I want my child to play the best game. The hero should be cute and kind. The child should not just play but learn something from the game. While looking at a beautiful image, the child should acquire a taste. It might seem odd, but we don’t watch TV at home. The thing is that I consider this a simple waste of time. I prefer sport, table games and learning games.For two years I’ve been carefully and meticulously searching for iPad games, so that my child could do something interesting and learn at the same time.I wouldn’t say that all the games that I managed to find were awful, but all of them had certain gaps, meanwhile I think that my child deserves better.I love my job – I’m a professional application developer for the App Store. Sure enough I set my sights on making an ideal game, a game that I could give to my child without any hesitations.We gathered together with my friends, took pens and some paper and literally in a couple of hours we had come up with a general idea of the game. A line we took consisted in introducing to a child at every screen not only an amusement, but a new experience and knowledge:How to raise a carrot?How to get dressed when it is raining?Where are the cake’ decorations come from?How to “feed” a car?Why does a soapy sponge wash the dirt down better? Naturally we recommend playing with grownups for the first time.We all have small children and we have checked with our sweethearts - was it clear and comfortable to play this game. Needless to say that when I come back home from work the very first thing I hear from my 3 years’ old daughter is – “Dad, will we play "Cozy” tonight?”It was funny when my peanut was teaching granny how to decorate a cake correctly. I’m proud of the results of my job!

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