Circle Flow

How smart are you? How high is your IQ? Circle Flow will put your gray cells to the test! It's Jerrys Game Prime Time!It's really quite simple - all you have to do is to slide the rows until they are in exactly the same position on the board as they are in the preview. At first it's very easy, but it gets slowly trickier from level to level. You'll soon be hooked on trying to solve the puzzle and become a Circle Flow addict!200 levels are waiting to be conquered. A must-have download for fans of mental gymnastics who like games such as mahjong and sudoku and other puzzles or Match 3 games.This is a beautifully designed brilliant and addictive hit game is now available for Android phones and tablets. Solve puzzles. Connecting and linking shapes and objects. Play through lots of handmade levels from simple to deeply challenging and get rich yet relaxing experience through carefully crafted puzzle. You are going to scratch your head and need to think in a different way.There is no age restriction to play this marvelous game: Kids, teenager and adult will find it richly defined and satisfying.- Free to play!- Simple yet fun and addictively challenging and smart puzzle- Move your way through beautiful chapters and lots of exciting puzzle- Play with your friends.- Compete with your friends and all people around the world.- Win points and use power up to help through challenging level.- Atmospheric cool visual and highly polished animation- Stirring ambient sound effects- Constant updates with additional levels coming soon

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