Snakes and Ladders

The classic Indian game Snake and Ladder, or Chutes and Ladders is a traditional entertaining game for kids and adults. The Snakes & Ladders game can be played in a single or two-players.The objective of the game is to reach to the top square, avoiding the snakes and using the ladders to make you jump.For the first time you can now build your own board of snakes and ladders, place snakes and ladders any where on the board, before or during playing the game, show your creativity by building new levels.the game also has an unique menu navigation system which makes it entertaining to navigate through can also add player profiles to add multiple players to play the game.more features will be added soon so keep the game on your device and get ready for more improvements.try this easy and fun playing experience with your family. the best snakes and ladders game on android market.the game is also known as Ludo in some places, while in United States they call it Chutes and Ladders. in Italy it is known as Scale e serpenti in or sometimes Gioco dell'oca. In Germany it is known as Schlangen und Leitern Spiel. jeu de l'oie in France. and juego de serpientes y escaleras in Spain.this game features the following:• nice graphics• animation• sound effects• score analysis• single or two playersTo get more information about our future releases please join us on Facebook: follow us on Twitter @talaween_netTalaween.NET Media

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