Babies Tile Puzzle & Wallpaper

Babies Wallpaper Tile Puzzle is one of the most entertaining puzzle games in the app store . It improves the ( Analysis,Attention,Creative thinking,Logic and Problem solving )It's for adults and kids at the same time.- How To Play ?! In this game you will have an amazing babies photos .An adorable picture for a baby will be scattered your task is to rearrange it to move to the next baby after completing the puzzle you'll be awarded with the ability to set the picture as your Wallpaper . - This Game comes with the following features : 1- ( 25 ) free amazing babies pictures .2- The ability to create new player . 3- The ability to load player . 4- ( 4 ) levels of difficulty ( Easy - Medium - Hard - Evil ) each level has different tile puzzle size . 5- Randomly puzzling the image you'll never get bored playing this game . 6- Rating for each tile puzzle . 7- Set picture as wallpaper after completing the puzzle . - In order to help you go while playing you'll be given the following aids :1- Image : to show the original image while playing the tile puzzle.2- Pause : to stop the time.Keywords :puzzle , jigsaw , tile , brain , babies, journey , smart , cute, sweet, photos , kids, lovely,fun,wallpaper , sliding tile.

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