Cherry Blossom GoLauncher

CHERRY BLOSSOM is a GO LAUNCHER EX theme created to effect some cool unique lookof your android phones and tablets. If you like pink, violet, purple colors with a touch of naturethen this theme could be what you are waiting for. The interface is carefully crafted to give you some stylish minimal theme experience.THIS THEME COSTS JUST A BUCK BUT THIS COULD DIFFER IN SOME WAYS:1. 5 super HD wallpapers all in 960x800 resolution2. 220+ icons which will be updated regularly3. icon back with icon mask4. all elements are totally skinned5. tested in phones and tablets6. best fit for portrait and landscapeTHIS IS NOT A STANDALONE APPLICATION. PLEASE INSTALL GO LAUNCHER EX TO APPLYIF YOU LIKE THIS THEME, PLEASE LEAVE SOME COMMENTS AND FEW STARSGO SMS AND GO LOCKER VERSION COME IN SHORT WAY,,.!!

应用大小::6.7 MB  
价格: $ 1.1  
排名: 4.5