Age of the Mage

helps your mage to complete potions, hitting the required ingredients with fireballs in ARCADE or STRATEGIC mode, enhances his ability using the magic hammer [increase the mana's level, casting speed, health point, or precious seconds], collect coins to customize your gaming experience! You'll need both speed and strategy to complete the levels, always different, access the google play's online ranking, unlock several achievements and share with most important social network.Internet access is required only for AdMob banner and GOOGLE PLAY's leaderboards/achievementsThis application is totally free and is supported only by admob banners, however NOT PRESENT WHILE PLAYNG.all contents of this application are free or licensed with COMMON CREATIVE license [see]. In case, however, even if in good faith, this application should be contain in any way materials and / or reference offensive to the copyright laws or that violate, even if in good faith, in any way, rights held by third parties, please contact us for immediate removal at:

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