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Take a photo or choose from your album to edit with winter filters and frames.Over 700 different combinations (filters and frames) to edit your photos and images!Once you have edited your photo, save it or send to your friends (LINE, Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, email, etc.) in a easy way (you only need to push a button)Use the new 8bit filter to turn your photos into 8bit games artwork. Make a portrait and see how is your 8bit game character.[Frames]Winter 1Winter 2Winter 3...Window 1Window 2StormMistFog...[Effects]snow 1snow 2snow 3snow 4tunnelheartglassedtoonwinter-50hotice8-bitsblurblur 2blur 3...Over 700 different combinations!-----If you see an error, report it to us and we will try to fix in the shortest time.

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