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• State of art self developed sound engine• Supported formats are MP3, AAC, FLAC , OGG• Only FREE music player that supports FLAC format in Google play store• Only FREE music player that supports OGG format in Google play store• FREE 10 BAND Equalizer• Only FREE music player that supports 10 band equalizer in Google play store• Specially Optimized for older devices (Even for Nexus One ! )• Specially Optimized for older android versions• Over 10 Predefined equalizer sets• Only FREE music player that supports predefined equalizer sets in Google play store• Access to lyrics without any interruption.• Easy and accessible Lyrics button• Access to lyrics of songs• Listen the music and gives the right album cover and info• Direct Bluetooth settings• Improved Lyric recognition• Widget support• Create your own playlists• Access to lyrics of songs• Supporting fast playlist creation• Crossfade between songs• Crossfade up to 12 seconds• Only FREE music Player that supports, Crossfade on FLAC and OGG formats• Dynamic playlist creation• Control music from notification bar• Advanced Amplifier• Only FREE music player that has amplifier • Advanced Treble• Only FREE music player that has Treble• Advanced Bass• Only FREE music player that has Bass changer• Open application when wired headset connected• Open application when Bluetooth headset connected• Download missing album covers• Select default playlist to add songs easily• Shuffle your songs whenever you want• Repeat all songs or just a single one• Browse your music’s by Songs, Artists and Albums• Reach your playlists easily• Add your songs to default playlist or queue in Songs category• Gapless playback• Supported formats are mp3, aac new formats are coming!• Modern Design with easily touchable buttonsFAQ1-) Why Should i use NICE Music Player instead of google default music player?Google Default Music has lacks of several features, including 10 band music equalizer, lyrics , ogg format support, flac format support , Fast and Dynamic Playlist Creation and Crossfade .2-) Do you support Crossfade ? Nice music player supports Crossfade , you can choose between 0 - 12 seconds from equalizer menu.3-) What formats do you support?We support MP3 , AAC , FLAC , OGG . Please NOTE FLAC and OGG support is for the devices using over android 4.04-) Which Formats we can do crossfade ?NICE Music Player is the only music player in market that you can crossfade FLAC and OGG. Of course you can crossfade MP3 AAC too5-) Why is 10 band equalizer is important ?Google and most of the music players in market only supports basic equalizer, With NICE Music Player you can use 10 band to make even smallest tweaks on your music .6-) Do you have a Volume Booster Feature ?NICE Music Player has amplifier support. Basically with amplifier you can increase volume of your phone beyond the maximum volume of your phone.7-) Do you support car audio ? We have bluetooth autostart feature, and we have tested our phone with different car manufacturers. You can control music from your cars Bluetooth enabled entertainment system. (BETA)8-) Do you support Gapless Playback ?Yes we have Gapless Playback support9-) Why i dont see lyrics on some of my musics?We constantly adding new songs to our lyrics database, bear with us :)10-) Can it update albums without coversYes our system matches your music with your database and gives you the right cover, pretty much like shazam and soundhound does.

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