Huzzle Free

Huzzle is new type of word game for those who want to increase their memory, word power and reflection speed. It is fun and we can say one of the best time killer games in App market. Huzzle consists of 15 different levels with amazing sound effects and smart interface which makes the Huzzler (the one who plays huzzle games) feel better. Also we have created a large database with Definition of each found words in a game so you can get easily the definition of the target word by just tapping once on it. Huzzle game logic:The logic of game is to collect in each level 30 word in 3 minutes from between 70 possible words by swiping from A – X position. If you found word once you will not be able to collect it again so you have to memorize each step. Here is the logic of increasing memory. How I said on there is 15 level but for the first run just one level is unlocked from where you will start your Journey. If you find 30 hidden words you will unlock next level. For making the game more interesting we have added stickers according to the progress which will be displayed on top layer of each unlocked level. Wish you good luck and thanks for reading Tags:Word Power, Vocabulary , Time killer, Huzzle , Huzzler, Hazle, Hazzle, Memory game, Increase memory, Game, Word game, Collect Word, Cross word

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