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As per National Crime Prevention Council: “Over 40 Million Americans get victimized every year in school, homes and on streets.” In a matter of seconds, your life could be changed forever. iHelp+® is a mobile phone app that provides you and your loved ones peace of mind at your fingertips. Whether you are going for a run, going hiking, leaving the campus or walking down the stairs, iHelp+® makes your safety a priority.SubscriptioniHelp+® is like having a portable security alarm system. Select a family member or friend to act as your primary emergency contact. In an emergency send for help, no matter where you go there will always be someone to assist you when you need it most. With one simple touch of the button, you can request assistance via Twitter® or throught your personal contacts, it will sends your GPS co-ordinates as part of the Tweet or Text Message during a distress call or when using our Delayed Alarm, so even if you don’t know where you are, your contacts will.Features:Alarm• Audible and silent alarm functionality.• 5 seconds countdown.• Sends distress signal to our contact with your current location.• Send Tweets to all your Twitter® Contacts.Quick Contacts• Add up-to 4 quick contacts for quick help in the case of emergency.• Allows you to call text or email one of your contacts with a touch of a screen.Medical Information• Enter personal and medical information like Medical Alerts, Allergies, Primary Care Physician and Health Insurance. • Can be easily located to inform medical responders of your crucial information.Delayed Alarm• You can set up a custom alarm that suits your everyday activities like: o walking to your car, o going for a run,o hiking in a remote location,o walking back to your dorm room, or o checking the mail • Once it goes off, it can only be disabled by entering your secure pass code• Alarm sends a distress message to your emergency contact• Location of your device gets mapped so that upon request we can pinpoint your exact location to the law enforcement agencies and get you help quick.Duress Situation• If you are in a duress situation and enter your custom PIN in reverse, your emergency contact will be notified and can alert the authorities that you are in need of help.• Alarm screen closes making the assailant think that no alert has been sent out.• Sends your GPS location and enables the location updates of your device so proper tracking information is available to your emergency contact.Key Features:• Flashlight• 4 “Quick Contacts” at a single push of a button• Send Tweets requesting help• Alerts include a map of your location• Custom alarms for any situation• Continuous tracking features in times of duress.• Personalized medical informationNOTE: After an active alarm is started the device will enable location updates even while iHelp+® is running in the background. Once the PIN code has been correctly entered the location updates will be disabled.* Twiter® is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc and is no way affiliated with iHelpPlusApps or Two Guys from Manhattan Inc.

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