Anchor Drag Alarm

This is an anchor drag alarm that notifies you if your anchor is dragging or if you do not have a good GPS location fix. This application is different than most anchor alarms because you do not set it until AFTER the anchor is set. Using the phone/tablet GPS and compass sensors, you enter the distance from the phone to the anchor, point the phone at the anchor, and press the SET button.This was developed using the Google/MIT App Inventor 2 website and is my first android app. It is only tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can not claim it works on any other platform. Your device MUST have a GPS and a compass for this app to function.Instructions are on-screen so use should be easy. Other than setting the distance to anchor and the buffer distance before the alarm trips, there are no other settings. If the swing circle is cutoff, try triple tapping back to the start screen and resetting the anchor location.Keep the device connected to power because this app must run continuously and consumes the battery quickly.Do not use this application as your sole means of anchor dragging notification. I assume no responsibility or liability if you choose to use this app. I use this for my inner alarm and set my chart plotter will a larger swing circle as an outer alarm. NEVER trust only one alarm.At this time the app is free. This app does NOT collect information. There are zero adds. It does need access to the GPS and compass to function. [Now that the app is up on the store, I checked the permissions. It says it has rights to USB storage, Wi-Fi, and phone...? I will work to remove these]The screen has a black background so it is not too bright but is still visible. It also saves power if you have an OLED screen (like the Samsung Galaxy)

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