Ready to Print

Learn Handwriting Skills the Fun Way! Ready to Print was created by an Occupational Therapist with over twenty years of experience working with children. It is a comprehensive tool for parents, therapists and educators to help teach pre-writing skills to children in order to build a strong foundation for beginning printers. We continue working to make Ready to Print the it to be the most complete writing development tablet app available, and continue to add new features. Ready to Print progresses through the pre-writing skills in a specific order, so that children can master the visual-motor, visual-perceptual, and fine motor skills necessary for correct printing patterns. It is designed to teach children the correct patterns for printing, and to avoid bad habits that are difficult to change as the child gets older. Now in version 3, Ready to Print features 194 separate levels in 13 activities. The latest addition is the Touch and Drag activity, which helps students work on movement in one of four specific directions.- It provides activities for both pre-writing skills. - It's designed with a progression of skills that work towards correct printing patterns. - It allows you to change size settings to match each child’s skill level. - It features a progression from larger hand movements to smaller, more refined movements.- It lets you choose which activity and level to begin on. - It allows setting up multiple user profiles, and remembers skill settings and tracks progress for each user. - It allows you to send progress reports via e-mail directly from the app. - Choose from either sound effects or new professionally performed voice prompts. Ready to Print is designed for Android and Kindle tablets 7” and larger*** TWA Pick Top Pick Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award Apps for Children with Special Needs ( Featured App Visit for more professional reviews *** Visit for more details!

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