If you're into reality shows and keen on voting, you may have found yourself sending the same text message, to the same number, again and again and again and found that rather irritating to say the least.With Votastic you can type your vote, the number to send the message to, and simply select the number of times the message should be sent. That's it - as simple as that. Whether you want to vote 1 time, 5 times, 10, 20, 50, or even as much as 100 - it's all the same for Votastic. Just make your selection - and click send!But best of all: Votastic leaves you free to cross your fingers for your favorite contestants!-------------------------------------------------------------------Just remember: Votastic uses your default rate plan and simply sends the messages, which means that the messages are only free if that's what your rate-plan allows...About the required permissions: currently the applications asks for permissions to access the internet and to send SMS on your behalf. Sending SMS on your behalf is quite self-explanatory, and the internet access is used for reporting purposes (no personal information, just general counts of how many people voted something!), for something I hope will allow voting by contestant name and not just number, and - yes - for showing in-app ads.

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