The fastest way to use ParkPlus on Android. No waiting for pay machines, no cumbersome phone calls, and no fumbling with text commands. Calgary, sorry it took so long.** Please note: you must sign up for an account at before using ParkBot. **** NOTE: 3rd party SMS apps may prevent ParkBot from receiving confirmation messages from ParkPlus (Android 4.3 and below). **With ParkBot, starting a parking session is as simple as it gets. Touch the green car, enter the zone number, and you're parked. When you're ready to leave, touch the orange car, confirm, and you're gone.FULL VERSION:The full version of ParkBot removes ads and will (optionally) notify you before your parking session is about to expire. You can choose how much notice you get and the notification will show up just like any other Android notification - no disruptive phone calls or easy-to-miss emails.If you use ParkPlus in Calgary, this is the app you want.Disclaimer:ParkBot operates on top of the Text-To-Park system, which means it uses the SMS capabilities of your phone. It will ONLY send and receive messages to/from PPLUS (77587). It does not prevent you from using regular SMS to operate Text-To-Park. If you have any questions or concerns about the SMS capabilities of ParkBot, please email 4.4+ users:Due to changes in the latest version of Android, ParkBot can no longer prevent ParkPlus confirmation messages from being received by the default SMS app. This means you will be notified by both ParkBot and your SMS app when your parking session has started or ended. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. On the plus side, however, ParkBot will no longer be affected by 3rd party SMS apps on Android 4.4.ParkBot is not affiliated with ParkPlus or the Calgary Parking Authority.

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