Ninja Learn Japanese

This application is created for the users who know from basic Japanese to N5, Ninja Learn Japanese will help you to learn new words and have an interesting experiences.----After the game started, You will see all the topic is arranged from top to bottom but some are hidden, to open it, you have to answer the topic above it , if you can not remember extractly the word, don't worry, we have 3 useful tools for you:1) BOOMWhen you tap on the Boom, all the useless letters will be disapeared. You can have one more Boom after finish 3 right answers.2) COMPASSWhen you tap on the Compass, the first unknown letter will be open. You can have one more Compass after finish 3 right answers.3) SHARE FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+If you have no Boom or Compass, or you want to save them, 2 share button may be useful, after you tap on it, the screenshot of this question will be posted on your wall, so your friends who know the answer will help you.We wish you have a nice time with Ninja Learn Japanese.

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