Simple Senior Phone

Senior Phone features a simple and easy interface with big buttons for easy calling, texting, SOS, location functions and other functions (weather, magnifier, music, torch,..). A perfect phone and a simple launcher for your grandparent. Senior Phone makes your phone easier to use - be it for you, your parents, grandparents, seniors or anyone else. Use it as simplified phone or simple launcher! Not all of us necessarily need or want our smartphones to be all that smart - Well what about those of us, that need our phone to be just that - a phone?Optimized for seniors and people with bad eyesight:- easy to use- bigger fonts and large buttons- color coded- reworked keyboard with bigger keys- simple launcher for applicationsSenior Phone isn't just another application for elders that pulls all your phone can do into one screen - it can do so much more:- all the needed One-screen One-click functionality with improved dialer, predefined contacts and predefined messages- includes carers that can be contacted or alerted instantly (1-click SOS, emergency SOS, PERS)- 2-way location services (can send out user coordinates to predefined contacts to tell them to pick you up) - can block user access to non needed or puzzler functions- can auto-start upon turning the smartphone on - improved dialer- additional apps (modules) like Magnifier, Torch, Camera, Calculator, Music player, Radio can be added if needed- keeps the same user interface even if you buy a new phone- helps seniors to stay in touch with their familiesSenior Phone is first part of our solution for eldercare which allows us to take shared care of your elderly loved ones:- Know and act before something happens!- Take care of your loved ones, easily and non intrusively- Keep calm knowing they are safe at all times- Use smartphones and bio-sensor technology to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones- Help others and let yourself be helped- Share the care with your family and friendsAnd if at any time you want your smartphone to start performing like one - you can simply turn the application off and continue using your phone as it was.Languages: CS, DE, EN, ES, FR, KO, IT, JA, NL, PO, PT, SI, SR, RU, ZNIf you wish to have Senior Phone translated into your language, please help us. Any help is very welcome, please contact us:

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