Sensor Checker Adfree

Sensor Tester checks the functionality from Your Android Device. Many Apps use sensores, but it is possible that Your device doesn´t support these or are defective. With Sensor Checker You see which sensors are supported and if they work right.Sensor Checker tests following sensors:- Magnetsensor (Teslameter, Compass)- Acceleration- Gravity- Temperature- Light- Pressure (Air)- Proximity- Rotation- SpeedWith Sensor Checker Adfree, You also could measure the sensors without limit for longer time. This is advantageous for measure magnet strength, power sources, not noticeable tremors and many more. It is also possible to see all measurements in a live flip chart, where the measures are displayed and updated every second.You could use this tool for every situation in Your live.Tags: Teslameter, Magnetometer, Seismograph, Sensor, Test, Compass, Acceleration, Speed,Light, Temperature, Proximity, Air Pressure, Rotation, Gravitation, flip chart, live view

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