ToolX Wear Tool with Barometer

#86 and rising on Top Selling New Aps!!! Thank You...ToolX is the first tool application includes Professional Barometer, Altimeter, Compass, Angle Meter and Bubble Level in one app.Barometer and Altimeter designed in campers, hikers and aviators in mind. With the barometer and dynamic graph, users can make weather forecasting. With the Calibration feature, you will get perfect results all the time.ToolX also includes a professional compass just like our free app CompassX as well as an Angle Meter and Bubble Level.With buying ToolX you will get 5 professional app in one!PLEASE WATCH THE ALTIMETER - BAROMETER CALIBRATION VIDEO FROM: WATCH THE COMPASS CALIBRATION VIDEO FROM: ***How to Weather Forecast***Open the ToolX app and scroll down to Barometer View, make sure that at the settings hPa is set. Before bed time check the pressure level. when you wake up check the pressure level again. If the reading is lower around 3 hPa, it will be colder if the reading is lower around 6-9 it will be very cold mostly rain. If the reading is higher around 3 hPa the weather will be fair than the day before, if the reading is higher around 6-9 hPa Mostly it will be sunny. -----Features------ Very accurate compass reading- Dynamic Barometric Pressure Graph- Sensor reading can be set to Meter, Feet, hPa- Max - Min and Initial Barometer Indicators- Filtered Sensor Reading- Easy to use Angle Meter***IMPORTANT***If your watch does not have a barometric pressure sensor, Altimeter and Barometer Page Won't Function. It will be hidden. HOWEVER, You can still be able to use Compass, Angle Meter and Bubble Level.***KEEP IN MIND***Barometric pressure varies when weather or temperature changes. So it is perfectly normal altitude changes when standing still. To get a general knowledge about Barometers please use google.**PLEASE NOTE**Compass sometimes require calibration to work properly. This is required by the sensor, not related with app. To calibrate, open the compass spin the watch around 360 degree a few times till degree changes rapidly.****DEAR USERS****When you are rating, please keep in mind that we spend hours to develop this app. There can be problems as all softwares possibly have. We are very open to your ideas for future updates. If you see a problem or have an idea please get in touch with us using e-mail address below, we will reply within one day.

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