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An all-in-one sensor toolbox and a multipurpose sensors data logger. Sensor readouts in real time - connect, monitor, track and share sensor data! SenseView gives users the opportunity to connect up to 20 different parallel sensor readings from a (current) total of 134 available.NEW - API available - if you wish to make your own sensor app in a very short time - contact us to Now with Samsung S4/S5 and Nexus 5sensors support and Fitbit web import! FEATURES- Color coded graphs with adjustable thresholds are completed and shown in real time- Simple parameters such as posture, activity, accelerations (x,y,z), proximity, latitude and longitude, light etc ..along with the more complex ones such as heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate - anything the sensor itself can track- Communicate with wireless external or internal sensors, use more then just your device's incorporated accelerometer, gyro and GPS- Analyzes, save and import/export collected sensor data logs- Shows data in numerical form or in diagrams with adjustable thresholds or color coding- Shares sensor data readouts using e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox..- Live concurrent tracking across internal or external sensors - in real time- Includes internal sensors: Proximity, light, orientation, magnetic field, pressure, temperatures..- Collect and process all data - improve your training regiment or self tracking sessions. Visually- Monitor one or more groups of workers, athletes, security on one mobile device - check their vital signs, location, be alerted- Allows for quick integration of additional internal algorithms like: fall detection, pedometer, location alerts etc, by the users themselves- Easily creates alerts and thresholds for different parameters- Modular structure- Color themesSENSORS( Android Internal (Accelerometers, Orientation, Magnetic Field, Light, Proximity, GPS)- Android Internal (steps, temperature / humidity, barometer, luminosity) - on selected phones, like Samsung S4, Nexus 5- Zephyr BioHarness BH3 (ECG, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, R-R interval, Respiration Rate, Internal temperature, Posture, Activity, Battery, Accelerometers)- Zephyr HxM (Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, R-R Interval, Pedometer)- Zephyr HxM Smart (Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, R-R Interval, Stress, Intensity, Activity Level and Calories)- more than 40 BT LE 4.0 Heart rate sensors (Adidas, Armour39, Beets BLU, BiiFit, Blueleza, Mio Alpha, Polar H7, Viiiiva, Wahoo, 60beat Blue and any BLE heart rate sensor)- SensorDrone environmental sensor (Precision Gas, Reducing Gas, Oxidizing Gas, Non-Contact Thermometer, Humidity, Temperature, Light, Color, Pressure, Proximity, Expansion Connector)- Texas Instruments SensorTag environmental sensor (Gyro, Accelerometers, Compass, Humidity, Temperature, IR Temperature)- OBD2 / ELM327 (automotive on-board diagnostics)- Fitbit (import from web)If your sensor is currently not supported, join the discussion on and make a suggestion!INTERFACES- Bluetooth (BT)- Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BT Smart)USE CASES- Lost your Fitbit, Withings, Nike, a smartwatch?- Solo or group tracking, safety, location: SenseView helps keep you safe and secure, while opening room for self improvement and growth- Training improvements (group or solo): Being able to see your body react to different conditions and stress levels can severely change the way you train- First responders: Training of firefighters- Medical / mHealth: Remote tracking of patients- Education, Research: learn how sensors work and function- Machine to Machine (m2m) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions- Cars monitoring (OBD2 / ELM327)AWARDS- Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2014 finalists, CES, Las Vegas- App. of the month on Under Armour's Armour39 Challenge Phase one finalistMORE

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