Flextown Digital business card

Digital business card solution. Stand out. Be remembered. Collect contacts. Flextown is a cloud based digital business card solution. We make it possible for you to make a memorable first impression by sharing a digital business card. Recipient doesn’t need an app. We help you create more valuable leads by automatically collecting contacts on everyone you share a digital business card to. Organize contacts, write notes and know exactly with whom you have exchanged contacts. www.flextown.com***3 steps to get started - it’s easy and FREE***1) Download Flextown app.2) Create digital business card.3) Start sharing and automatically collecting contacts.***Features***Stand out. Add social media, videos, PDF’s, pics to your digital business card and stand out from the crowd when networking.Share your digital business card with anyone from the app via Text (SMS), E-mail or Airdrop. Be remembered. The recipient of your business card easily saves your digital business card into their contact list. Recipient doesn’t need the Flextown app in order to receive your digital business card.Collect contacts. The hassle of typing in contact information from business cards belongs to the past. By sharing a digital business card you automatically collect contact info on the recipient.www.flextown.com

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