SugarMob: SugarCRM for Mobile

SugarMob : SugarCRM for MobileAre unnecessary calls bothering you, eating up your valuable time? Do you want to manage your e-store remotely without sitting before your system. You can now manage and organize your CRM from your handset also. We have the solution to organize your customer data, calls and other details easily through your mobile!SugarCRM for Mobile application can allow you manage your customers and other CRM activities easily through your mobile, given your priority and business needs. You can use SugarCRM app in all the editions of SugarCRM i.e. Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Professional Version and SuiteCRM versions. It is compatible with all the versions.It can be used in all the modules – Account, Contact, Lead, Note, Meeting, Calls, Opportunities, Tasks and Cases . It can be used to update, add and delete while online and connected with SugarCRM. This app works at the backend to collect and sync the data from SugarCRM to the mobile app. Core Features    •    Integrates SugarCRM Module – Accounts, Contacts and Leads with the application.     •    Filters incoming calls from SugarCRM contact and displays the details of the contact for identification of the caller.    •    It can also filter all records in ‘My Records’ or ‘All Records’.    •    Call can be filtered based on the contact details listed in the SugarCRM app.    •    Calls from SugarCRM contact will be recorded and saved in the SugarCRM as Sugar Notes for further reference. (InApp purchase feature)    •    Offline and Online support is available for the database.    •    User can view and edit their profile.    •    Can also reset password from the application.    •    Can receive alerts for modification, adding and deleting of leads, calls and other activities.��   •    You can customize the fields to be displayed for each module from the setting page.    •    Detail view page will have subpanels with expand and collapse option for the features to be displayed.    •    This application is easy to install and configure.    •    It allows storing and browsing data offline too, which gets synced with the SugarCRM once you are online. Value to UsersThis helps CRM users to filter and organize their leads having complete details of their business and related data on their mobile. It will offer better platform to manage leads, customers and also saves time and efforts by discarding unnecessary calls. It allows you manage your entire SugarCRM system through your mobile anytime, anywhere!

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