Car Maintenance - Fuel Service

Car maintenance app to track your car data like fuel fill, service and insurance. Provides ability to track spend on fuel, service and insurance, thereby computing overall cost of running. Provides reminders to fill fuel by odometer based on fuel efficiency and for service at individual parts/component level. All important information is displayed on the main dashboard.This is an ad free version with enhanced features of Vehi Care - Car MaintenanceFEATURES: - Fuel logger to log fuel/gas fill up and mileage in detail is automatically calculated - Historical Chart View of fuel efficiency, Monthly Fuel Cost and Fuel Consumption - Reminders - Time and mileage based for fuel and service, Insurance payments - Support for recording replaced vehicle parts like Battery, Tyre etc., during service - Backup and restore, export to CSV feature to preserve your car data - Settings for Multiple units are supported (km/mi, gal/liter, currency) and Currency symbols - Add and Track unlimited number of vehicles like bike etc., - View complete history of service and fuel fill** Please post your comments if any issues or new feature request.

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