Lanista Athlete

The Lanista training app is your perfect fitness companion. With a huge training database covering videos, photos and important execution tips, this app is great both at home and at the gym. Featuring more than 1,100 exercises, there is a smart filter to find the right exercises by searching for examples based on muscle group, body weight, free weights and machines, with additional variables such as exercise ball, kettlebell, sling trainer, stretch bands and foam rollers. Lanista is also a great resource for cardio exercises. All exercises and workout templates can be documented accurately using our tracking and history features. Yet another tremendous benefit: the interaction. Share your progress with your fitness coach and/or gym (provided they have the right software), receive personal training plans with videos and personal advice from your coach, and request an appointment with your trainer at the touch of a button! FOLLOWING FEATURES INCLUDED: Exercise database with over 3000 images and videosPractical filter function for effective exercise searchWorkout templatesLinking with your fitness studio / trainerAppointment schedulingDocument training progress and weight Related:Lanista Trainer App

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