Tu Guardian

TuGuardian is your CCTV staff. Have you ever been in a situation when you felt threatened? Perhaps you have seen a street fight or a robbery? Ever felt confident going in a taxi? Your car has broken down and left stranded in an area that did not feel at ease? TuGuardian is there to help. Simply activate the application and all your notification list, friends, family, etc., is reported to be located in an awkward situation and a link is sent to them showing their location. Then take a photo or video and TuGuardian informs your contacts by sending an e-mail with a link to the photo (or video) and your last location.If someone were to steal your phone the photographic evidence and the location is already in our secure servers and can not be deleted. This test is available to the police. Not only that, but the phone is being discreet tracking to help catch the thief.For added security, the application has the following additional features:• Take pictures, video or audio that is loaded on our secure servers.• TouchBase - discreetly inform the family or friends of your situation.• See his songs, including photos, video or audio.• Register via the web site or application.• Warning of inactivity - you can set a time period of inactivity of applications, if the application has not been used for x hours and then sent a warning to his family or friends to inform them that you could be in trouble.Make sure you and your family are protected TuGuardian.Download it now. You must register either through the application or http://www.tuguardian.com.co before use.

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