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Own, an anti-aging skin health company, believes in empowering beautiful skin. Own’s complete approach towards skin-health combines effective, pure, safe formulations with personalized tools and content that when combined together enable you to ‘own’ your skin’s health like never before.Own’s anti-aging products use patented CLA technology to work on all three signs of aging. Our diagnostic tool, My Own, combines facial recognition technology with clinical facial assessment tools to give you an honest assessment your skin’s current situation based on the five signs of aging. Based on your results, Own can provide you with a personalized product regimen and relevant lifestyle tips that help you achieve long lasting beautiful skin.Here’s how it works:1) Simply take a photo of your face with the My Own. Using never-before-available facial recognition technology, this diagnostic tool will then provide you with beauty statistics helping you evaluate your skin’s needs.2) In five to fifteen minutes, My Own analyzes your face for the following measurements:● Number of fine lines & wrinkles,● Number of deep set wrinkles,● Number of wrinkles associated with crow’s feet,● Percentage of total face covered with age spots (hyper-pigmentation)● Number of total age spots, and● The variance of the age-spots/hyper-pigmentation from your natural skin tone3) You will also receive an helpful evaluation of your skin’s health compared to other women within your age group. You’ll then receive a projection of what your skin could look like based on real clinical results of women who used Own’s anti-aging CLA based regimen. Further, Own will recommend personalized skin care tips and tools based on your personalized evaluation that empower you to take control of your skin’s health.Features● Expert analysis & results: Based on advanced photo-diagnostic technology never before available to consumers, you receive an analysis of five major signs of aging● Meaningful tracking tools: Measure your progress against your previous photos to see firsthand how effective Own’s anti-aging products are.● Personalized recommendations: Get the most out of your daily skin health routine with customized lifestyle and skincare tips, as well as relevant product solutions.● Consult: Connect with real-time help from Own experts that can review your beauty results. Weekdays from 9 AM - 9 PM EST, you can either talk to one of our skin experts at a click of a button or write and post questions to our team at any time of day for a prompt response within 24-hours. (Tech experts are always on hand, too.)● Special promo offers: Through the My Own, receive exclusive product discounts and other first-to-know product offers. Plus, you can purchase Own products within the app and apply your discounts here!● Absolute privacy: Your privacy is important to us. Your photos and analysis is only visible within your personal My Own account on your phone or iPad. It cannot be emailed, posted to social media, or shared in any other way. Own Products will not share your personal information under any circumstances.

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