Beat Mouse Punch Mice Fun

Beating Mice Saving Rice FunOn the harvesting time, there are many mice which appear to destroy the crops. You must join an adventure on beating the mice. When you join into the adventure, you will try no more than 3-times to beat as much mice as possible. On each mouse successfully beaten, you will get a corresponding score based on the kind of it. You have a limit time in 60 seconds to beat mice. Let's go!!!Features: Dap chuot cuu lua cuc hay - Mice Beating Saving Rice – Đập chuột cứu lúa cực hay- Beautiful Image- Native voice- Funny play- 3 kinds of mouse- Multi Combo and bonus items- Rush time challenging - Record High score- Multilingual supportSame funny game : Candy Crush Saga, Dap chuot-cuc hay, Car Saloon, punch it, punch the rats, punch mouse, mice punch…Player age : baby, child, school age, tre em, em be, nguoi lon, 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x, teens.Category : Education, Math, Game, Fun, English, Vietnamese, Rush …Tag: dap chuot, đập chuột, cuc hay, hay, fun, tre em, giao duc, punch mouse, beat mouse, cheese, mouse love rice, punch rats, punch it, mice punch.

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