Vodafone Select

Get personalised news and money-saving offers from the brands you love with the Vodafone Select app. The Vodafone Select app gives you news and money saving offers that are relevant to you. Sort your likes and dislikes on the app and we’ll combine your preferences with information about where you use your phone as well as your web browsing habits to send you great offers. Select uses a new technology called autograph™ which learns your interests. You just need to spend a minute sorting your brand preferences. We can then give you relevant news and offers using your unique autograph. Features: - Personalised news and money saving offers - Offers ranked by your individual interests on your wall- Ability to save offers for later use- Search the app for the offers you want- Have fun exploring what your brand choices say about you Things to remember: - You must be a Vodafone UK customer to use the app. - The app is free to download and if you exceed any price plan data allowance when using the app you will incur additional data charges. - If you access the app outside the UK then you may incur browsing, downloading and other internet data charges at the standard internet data rates for roaming. For more help with the app visit our eForum on the Vodafone UK website.

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