Diabetes Coach (pro)

Diabetes Coach, the intelligent diabetes management app.Simple and nicely designed with many features, can be flexibly adapted to your needs.Extensive diary!In the diary you can write down everything important: Blood glucose, ketones, meals, bolus, correction and basal insulin, blood pressure, pulse, weight, sports, symptoms of hypoglycemia / hyperglycemia, doctor's appointments, comments.Plan injections or meals!No hypoglycemia due to forgotten meals, get reminded. Just plan a diary entry for the future.Unobtrusive Recommendations!The required amount of insulin is calculated automatically in the background eg. when you create a new diary entry and initially only enter a meal with carbohydrates. The proposed insulin amount can then be entered with one click, Otherwise, the proposal can be simply ignored.Guess your bloodsugar!…to improve your bloodsugar perception in a playful way.Collect points and reach the weekly limit!…for diary entries you get points: measurements, dates, injections, food, ...Monitor your stock!…to eg. quickly see how much is still in stock or how much you need for eg. three months. Handy before travel or the next recipe-order.Automatic recommendations, reminders and notices!For example "Next basis injection in 5 hours", "Your bloodsugar is often too high at noon...", etc.Many helpful scrollable charts!For example: Bloodsugar curves by time of day, "Standard Day" (shows all measurements as if they would have done in the same day), blood sugar prognose including error and effectiveness curve of insulin, carbohydrates, etc.Your data is yours! Export it for example in CSV format in order to use the data in a spreadsheet program. Or export in HTML format, even sortable and filterable when JavaScript is enabled and send the report to your doctor. All diagrams can be shared with one click.Adaptable!Choose a theme in Holo design, light or dark. Select your preferred units (eg. mg/dl or mmol/l, BU, CUor mealy/milk/fruit equivalents, etc.) and the insulin types you are using.Flexible views!Just move the views, arrange them to multiple columns, etc.Statistics, corrected by prognoses!Corrected mean values ​​are calculated not only based on actual bloodsugar measurements, but also include more "samples". These samples are predicted based on measurements. This usually leads to values ​​that are more near to reality. Something similar could be achieved by measuring continuously with equal not too big distances, but this is rather impractical.Extensive integrated food database!Enter carbohydrates eg. in BU or as a list of foods. Portion sizes can be given in grams or BU. For some foods special portions are available, eg "slices" for bread. Select favorite foods and find recently used foods quickly.Use the widget or the notification to always have the last measured and current prognosis bloodsugar in view.Compatibility from Gingerbread (2.3) to Lollipop (5.0), ready for tablets.More information on https://plus.google.com/u/0/109666375669858720250/posts (german only currently).Get your diabetes coach!In case of problems, please mail me.

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