IBA MobilBank

This version has several advantages, including a simplified method of connection. Now to become a subscriber of MobilBank no need to change Sim-card and to visit bank, it is enough to get the appropriate passwords from ATM and to download the application via internet on mobile phones.Enrollment to the system:Choose “SERVICES” in the main menu of ATM. In “SERVICES” choose “MOBILBANK ENROLLMENT”. It will be printed a list with Serial Number and Activation passwords. You must install the application from App Store and input this Serial Number and Activation passwords. Then enter your Pin-code. The code will be required twice for checking. This code is not the same as the card Pin-code and is needed only for working with MobilBank application. After that is needed to choose the language. Features:-View balance or statement.-To block the card in case of loss or stolen.-Transfer money from card to card within bank issuer or to other banks.-To pay for service of mobile operators, internet providers, electricity etc.If you have any question, you can contact us on (+994125984697 or +99412194) and csupport@azericard.com.Thank for your feedback in advance, it will help us to keep improving our services.

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