Light Alarm Clock

Light and sound alarm app helps to wake up more gently and naturally especially on dark winter mornings.Features- One-time and repeated alarms- Main alarm sound- Vibration during main alarm sound- Pre-alarm sound, that starts before main alarm sound and goes increasing volume- Screen light with increasing brightness. You can choose color of light or set image instead of color.- LED camera light- You can choose multiple tracks for an alarm sound, in such a case every time the alarm starts, next track will play.- A few options for dismiss/snooze functionality- Next alarm time widgetAll parameters of an alarm can be turned on/off and have some other settings, which makes every alarm highly customizable.How the application works:Time that you set for every alarm is the time at which main alarm sound starts. At this time also starts vibration, if corresponding option is chosen.For "pre-alarm sound", "screen light" and "flash light" you specify time intervals, that mean that this action starts N minutes (specified interval) before main alarm time. For example, if alarm is set at 8:00 and screen light is enabled with interval set to 30 minutes, than screen light starts at 7:30 and main alarm begins to play at 8:00.If battery level is lower than specified in the app's settings, then pre-alarm sound and screen light won't be turned on until main alarm time. To turn off that checking set min battery level to 0.If you have some questions about application's login, write to me, I'll try to improve this description.

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