Texting With Santa

Discover how Santa saved Christmas with text messaging! And also you and your child can join in the fun with a cute, interactive story about how the Evil Penguin King kidnapped Santa Claus and almost stopped Christmas! Luckily, penguins are crafty and have pretty good technology, as former helpers of Santa. So Santa could build a tablet and phone to stay connected to keep the spirit of Christmas alive by getting Christmas wishes from children everywhere using text messaging! Discover how the Evil Penguin King is sorry for being mean and in the end, the penguins are once again Santa's helpers!You can also entertain your kids (and yourself) by seeing them get text messages from Santa! We bring you the “official” North Pole app for texting with Santa Claus. Santa Claus will now be able to send (and receive) texts from your kids while he is getting ready for his journey. Of course you will want to keep your kids updated while you follow his amazing journey around the world. Santa Claus will: Send texts to your kids anytime! On Christmas Eve, he will see if they are ready for Christmas (and ready for bed!)Santa will check in with your kids to let them know what he is doingDo your kids want to know how the reindeer are? Let them ask Santa!Santa will tell them when he is ready for take off so they know when to be readySanta will remind kids that he cannot stop unless they are asleepKids can text (with your help) to ask Santa all kinds of questions! (Remind them that Santa has some secrets, or he might tell them himself!)Santa will check with the kid’s on Christmas morning to make sure they like all of the toys he left themSanta will remind them to be good little boys and girls through out the new yearThe kids can reply to Santa Claus to let him know they are readyIf Santa has time he might even answer their text backSanta Claus’s little elves (the parents) monitor (and create) all the texts to and from Santa. Sample messages are included, but the app lets you edit them or create your own! You can be as creative as you like! We have also included Christmas text “themes” to decorate the messages your kids get from Santa.We are so excited about this app – it’s been hard work and fun. We really hope you enjoy it.Key Words: Santa Claus, Tracker, Tracking, Text messaging, Christmas, kids, reindeer, Christmas Text, Santa Text, apps for kidsSample Messages:I have your Christmas list here and the elves are packing my bag so I hope you are ready!Well, I just packed the sleigh and fed the reindeer and now we are trying to find Rudolph! Have you seen him?We found Rudolph still playing reindeer games with all the other reindeer and now we are trying to get his nose to glow!Rudolph’s nose is working now and it is very bright tonight! With this snow storm, we are going to need it!Mrs Claus just gave me my hot cocoa and now we are Up, Up and Away! Remember to be asleep when I get there! I hope you are excited!I am about half way done and I sure am tired. I sure hope you have some milk and cookies for me when I get there. I am getting close so it is time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed. Remember, I can not stop at your house if you are awake.Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed all your toys. Thanks for the cookies and milk.And remember I am always watching you so be on your best behavior. Love SantaAnd by the way, can you give your parents a big hug for me and tell them thanks!

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