Santa-Meter 3000

The Santa-Meter 3000Which list are you on? Tired of wondering if you are on the Naughty List this year? Frustrated with fly by night elves reporting your family activities to the Big Man in red? Well, thanks to the marvels of application technology melded with ancient Eleven tinkering, Gr33nware Studios is proud to present the only Elf endorsed Santa-Meter on the market... the Android Market. The Santa-Meter 3000 allows YOU to track your friend's and family's Nice and Naughtiness, and submit them directly to Santa's ePhone (Elves... what can you do) How much would you pay to know that your family is getting on the best List this Christmas? $100? $200? What if I told you The Santa-Meter 3000 was only $0.99! Crazy? Of course I am! But wait! THERE'S MORE! You can track up to three members of your family and securely transmit to the North Pole! Want more? How about 4 preloaded Christmas songs! All this in a stylish steam punk inspired device! For only $0.99! There is still time to get yours before Christmas! Don't settle for a lump of coal this year.. buy the Santa-Meter 3000!- Save naughty/nice status for up to three people.- Choose the red button when they are naughty and green when they are nice! Data is saved and can be "sent" to Santa at any time.- 4 Christmas songs included.**Parents' only below**(Entertainment purposes only. Data is only stored on phone. No personal information is sent by this app)

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