Awesome Couple Game

Awesome Couple Game is a game for adults that will make it much more fun and intense preliminary love with your partner.Put a spot of fun to the preliminary love with this game that you will ask questions to know your partner better, and will suggest you original tests to enjoy together with your partner, making the situation going hotter and hotter...Awesome Couple Game is a simple game to play, but if you have any questions, you have two virtual assistants to help you on anything (even they can give you conversation if you want).In addition, Awesome Couple Game is a 100% customizable, allowing you to add the questions and tests you want, and to incorporate sex toys to the test. Never get bored with this game.Awesome Couple Game has múliples advantages over regular board couple games, it is much cheaper, fully customizable, and you can take it everywhere you want because you only need your smartphone to play.Enhance your love relationship with Awesome Couple Game!

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