KidBox Safe Kid

******************** KidBox Safe Kid********************When your kids want to use your Android tablet or smartphone, open KidBox Safe Kid and stay calm. KidBox Safe Kid blocks the screen for children so that they won’t make unwanted purchases, change your device settings and make calls or send messages. Besides, blocking it will guarantee that your kids won’t be exposed to inappropriate contents or people. In Kidbox Safe Kid you will find thousands of educational and fun contents: games, videos and applications specially selected by a team of educators, so that your kids will fully enjoy the Internet. Obtain the GOLD version and enjoy the full version of KidBox!If you install KidBox from a SAMSUNG* tablet, you will have free access to the Gold version for 3 months.---------------------------------------------------------Advantage for parents and grandparents:---------------------------------------------------------+ Best educational content for children + It doesn’t let the kid to: * purchase or download other apps from Google Play. * make any purchase from within the games. * make or receive calls or text messages. ---------------------------------Advantage for children:----------------------------------+ Customized interface, with his own avatar and screen background. + It remembers the child’s favorite contents, so he or she can quickly access them. + Videos and games that awaken curiosity and imagination. + The most popular and fun games of the moment!+ "My Art", for children to develop their artistic skills. + "Family activities", Ideas and activities for you and your family for the free time.KidBox Safe Kid is the Android version of KidBox, the awarded browser for kids. The version for Windows and Mac notebooks and desktops is available for download from our website* Limited offer for Argentina on the following devices: Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.3"/6.8", Tab 2 7"/10.1", Tab 3 7"/8"/10.1", Note 8"/10.1, Samsung S4 and Samsung S4 mini".--------------------------------Additional information:--------------------------------* Make sure you have good Internet connection (WiFi or 3G).* The video selection varies depending on their availability on YouTube.

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