Jolly Bob

Bob is the jolliest man on Isle of Curru Curru, but he is always hungry and his crave for food has always led him to dangerous places. This time he has gone beyond danger, he has entered “Bula Bula Valley” also known as Isle of voodoo. It is said that this mysterious place gets its life from the shade of the moon and all the witches awaken at nights to practice their dark magic. To get through “Bula Bula Valley” before sunset, Bob needs your guidance and remember slowing down is not an option. This might sound like an impossible mission, but you should know the entire Curru Curru Isle relies on you to guide Bob to safety and save their most humorous individual who brings life to the island, the only place on the planet the true humour exists. Most importantly Bob believes in you, do not let him down.

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