Space War of Goshawk

Game Story:In 2100, after decades of war, A large weapons cooperation named FLIGHKO become the most powerful military organization. It has a huge number of artificial intelligence driven aircrafts and employs many talent aviators to control other powerful aircrafts. FLIGHKO affects the situation of the universe with its iron fist, it is almost unstoppable. In order to gain more profits, FLIGHKO took many actions that made a lot of people involved in disasters. Some wise aviators in FLIGHKO realized the evil essence of it through the actions they took in the war, they want to save the innocent people who are ravaged in the cruel war and stop FLIGHKO's vicious actions.These aviators established a revolt group, they try to get out of the control of FLIGHKO and fight againt it, a lot of challenge and dangerous missions are waiting for them. In this game, you will drive an aircraft named Goshawk and fight with these warriors together.Features:1.More than 25 missions in 4 planet systems.2.With enemy boss in the last mission of every planet system.3.Upgradeable weapon sytem.4.Many bonus items in every mission.5.Random music for each mission.

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