Factors: GCF, LCM, and More

Have you ever wondered about the greatest common factor between 234556 and 3245? The least common multiple? How many total factors each number has? The prime factorization of 4856? Looking for the least common denominator between a bunch of fractions? You can look for th LCM between as many integers as you want. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this app will be very handy.Factors: GCF, LCM, and More takes 2 or more positive integers and finds the greatest common factor, the least common multiple, the factors, and a count of the factors. It also can find the prime factorization of a positive integer. It can find the GCF and LCM between as many numbers as you want.It can handle large numbers, but users should note the limitations of their devices. Large integers (greater than 1,000,000) will take noticeably longer to process. The duration is due to the nature of finding factors algorithmically and the limitations of modern computational capabilities.

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