Looptimer is an awesome way to time pretty much anything that means something – it’s particularly cool on presentations!LOOP TIME SLOTSKamuni Looptimer loops any given number of time slots into continuous string of countdowns and alarms of your choice.ADJUST FOR ANY OCCASIONSometimes you might need just the visual countdown while on other occasions a beep or a loud alarm is needed to shake things up.PRECISE OR ROUNDED UPSometimes every second counts while at other times that’s just too fussy. Looptimer has both per second countdown and presentation modes!HANDS OFF, HANDS ONSet Looptimer to auto forward and you enjoy the ride. Need a little more control, manual forward allows you to decide when next slot starts.DESIGNED FOR PRESENTATIONSLooptimer was first designed to help with an intense program filled with presentations and breaks between presentations.LOADS OF OTHER WAYS TO USE TOOWe have loved Looptimer also as a Pecha Kucha presentation tool, in HIIT training, in all sorts of games and many other things.

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